If We'd Had Connections First

The following is based on a guest blog originally invited by the editors of SlashCloud. Thanks for their permission to share those ideas here. Is it only an accident of history that the microprocessor came before the Internet? And if the sequence had been reversed, would we have different ideas... Read More »

Enjoying Work is Not a Crime.

[Note: This is the third in a series of posts looking at the Social Enterprise in the context of the Big Shift. The first two posts were: Thinking about the Big Shift and the Social Enterprise and On Collaboration. This one focuses on the concept of flow, and how that... Read More »

Big. Cloud Big.

Amazon’s EC2 is increasingly functioning as an on-demand supercomputer, according to a fascinating piece by Jon Brodkin in Ars Technica. It’s another example of scale and heft moving to the cloud, and in the process democratizing the availability of high-end computing capability previously accessed by only the “one percent” of... Read More »

Goodbye, PC

Another report has the PC on the endangered species list, especially with consumers. Forrester’s take, “Tablets Will Rule The Future Personal Computing Landscape,” sees PC squeezed out by beefier tablets more robust cloud services, and a new class of device called “frames.” The numbers alone are similar to previous studies... Read More »

Tablets: Full Throttle Up

Some eye-popping numbers from Gartner on the outlook for tablets: 2016 global tablet sales should reach 369.3 million units Apple seen leading market with 169.7 million units by 2016 Android unit sales seen rising eight-fold over same period Those numbers are bold enough, but what caught my eye is Gartner’s... Read More »

Ctrl – Alt – Social

In the tech world in which everything is recycled, retooled, and spit out like un-digestible gristle, one often comes across the phrases such as groupware is “dead” or “email is dead.” Oddly enough these are euphemisms or perhaps more correctly the opposite: dysphemisms – the substitution of a disagreeable word... Read More »

Sometimes, Piracy Rocks

Online piracy has been a big issue over the past few months, mostly owing to the Stop Online Piracy Act, the web protest by Wikipedia, Google and others, and the subsequent withdrawal of the bill. The opposition to SOPA called the one-day rebellion the largest online protest in history with... Read More »

Big Bang 3 Redux: Facebook’s Mobile Problem

I was wrong. The Facebook S-1 does NOT say that “our CEO is 27 and has limited prior employment history.” But it does say a lot. There’s a lot to cheer about in the S-1, including three years of profitability and a solid engine of free cash flow clearly in... Read More »

Europe Sets Course for Cloud

There's a perception that cloud computing has become a “mature” technology, a perception shared by few but anticipated by most everyone else with the exception of those trying to preserve their self-interests. I don’t blame them – each person inherently protects self-interests. They're wrong though. Cloud is not mature. It... Read More »

RIM: A Sweeter Berry or “Canadian Road Kill”?

When a management reshuffling is announced on a weekend at an hour when most of America is focused on football playoff games, it’s not usually a good sign. I got the news from my Facebook BlackBerry feed. Fans of the Blackberry and RIM (I count myself among them) certainly knew... Read More »