Ctrl – Alt – Social

In the tech world in which everything is recycled, retooled, and spit out like un-digestible gristle, one often comes across the phrases such as groupware is “dead” or “email is dead.” Oddly enough these are euphemisms or perhaps more correctly the opposite: dysphemisms – the substitution of a disagreeable word... Read More »

Social Enterprise and Flow

My grandfather appears to have grown up in a village in southern India, attended university in what was then Madras, worked as “private secretary” to one of India’s richest men and biggest landowners, the Maharaja of Darbhanga, all on his way to founding a weekly magazine, called Indian Finance, in... Read More »

RIM: A Sweeter Berry or “Canadian Road Kill”?

When a management reshuffling is announced on a weekend at an hour when most of America is focused on football playoff games, it’s not usually a good sign. I got the news from my Facebook BlackBerry feed. Fans of the Blackberry and RIM (I count myself among them) certainly knew... Read More »

CES: De-CEaSed?

Microsoft, which usually gives the opening keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show, served up a pre-show coup de gras this year: 2012 would be Microsoft’s last year at the show. The Vancouver Sun summed up the tone of the CES obits: That disparity [between newsorthy products and those that are... Read More »

The Nook's Netflix Moment

Things were just getting interesting. It’s been pretty clear for a while now that the Nook is not going to corner (I couldn’t resist) the reader market, but I found this week’s announcement from Barnes & Noble puzzling. The Nook business is ahem, on Fire: in a news release,... Read More »

Being the Bump on the Bell Curve

As we end the year, I hope I can claim to have pulled my weight on this blog during 2011, averaging slightly more than two posts per month (with my personal 'Top 6' favorites linked below). On the other hand, averages are a truly feeble statistic, because my most recent... Read More »

Prog-NOT-stications for 2012

I had so my fun with my predictions for net year that I thought I’d keep the party going with a list of five things that won’t happen in 2012. The First Facebook Election You just know that these thumb-suckers are already being written. Facebook + Election = boatload of... Read More »

Predictions 2012: Deals, Squeals, & Reels

Here’s my list of prediction for the months ahead. There will be a proxy fight or some other credible challenge to Steve Ballmer’s leadership of Microsoft. The rumors that Gates will return will surface every few weeks despite his denials.The pain has gone on for too long for shareholders. Plucky... Read More »

2012: The year when the customer holds the conch

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi: Toyotomi Hideyoshi returning to the scene of his army’s victory It’s that time of year when I get asked to make predictions for the year ahead, particularly in the context of enterprise software. It’s that time of year when I tend not to do anything as a result.... Read More »

Will “Mad Men” Drive the Social Enterprise?

Note this is a special guest post from industry authority Bruce Richardson. His blog can be found at http://stellwagenresearch.blogspot.com/. Bruce has a 30-year career in high-tech, harkening back to the days in which he worked alongside George Colony (founder and CEO of Forrester), Frank Gens (Chief Research Officer of IDC),... Read More »