Being the Bump on the Bell Curve

As we end the year, I hope I can claim to have pulled my weight on this blog during 2011, averaging slightly more than two posts per month (with my personal 'Top 6' favorites linked below). On the other hand, averages are a truly feeble statistic, because my most recent... Read More »

The Truth of Things is in the Cloud

"Why should we limit computers to the lies people tell them through keyboards?" Attributed by author Steven Levy to MIT hacker Bill Gosper, this challenge now comes one step closer to closure with today's announcement of Toyota Friend: a private social network, for Toyota customers and their cars, that will... Read More »

Don't Pay Tribute to Empires of Infrastructure

During my recent visits in Europe, South America and several Asia-Pacific nations, I've encountered local campaigns to encourage all of those countries to invest in a whole new generation of heavily virtualized data centers – putatively, "private clouds." Apart from being bad IT, that's also bad national policy. The blatant... Read More »

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Tokyo With a high profile Goldman Sachs downgrade to neutral, Microsoft is entering a new phase in its struggles. It’s hard to ignore the rush of news of the company’s dramatic loss of market share in mobile, Steve Ballmer’s bonus penalty, and Internet Explorer dropping below 50% worldwide. But the... Read More »

Why Japan Matters. And Microsoft Doesn¹t

[Editor's note: This was written by Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of] Thousands of people lined up last week to buy iPads. And, if you didn't notice them, it’s because they were in Tokyo. I’ve been living in Japan for the past three weeks and couldn’t miss the madness... Read More »