Google Goodness

Google I/O has been a gushing fire hose of geek news goodness this week, full of gadgets and new services that have implications for the enterprise. As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of tablets, so I am fascinated by the new Nexus 7. In demos, the... Read More »

Sometimes, Piracy Rocks

Online piracy has been a big issue over the past few months, mostly owing to the Stop Online Piracy Act, the web protest by Wikipedia, Google and others, and the subsequent withdrawal of the bill. The opposition to SOPA called the one-day rebellion the largest online protest in history with... Read More »

CES: De-CEaSed?

Microsoft, which usually gives the opening keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show, served up a pre-show coup de gras this year: 2012 would be Microsoft’s last year at the show. The Vancouver Sun summed up the tone of the CES obits: That disparity [between newsorthy products and those that are... Read More »

Think Small

There comes a moment, not the aha moment, but the I wonder whether someone else had this idea in 2004 moment. I can't be sure, but here it is for what it's worth. I think Apple TV is going to go real small, not the other rumored way around. As... Read More »

The Nook in the Kindle

Barnes & Noble introduced its latest Nook reader this week, aiming it squarely at the Kindle Fire. On CNBC, Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch lead off with what he described as superior specs and in-store support: Well, the Nook tablet offers not only the better display, these media tablets... Read More »

Simple as a Service

Even though I continue to hate TypePad, I love Facebook Connect. Whenever I see the Facebook Connect logo, I smile because I know I'm two clicks away from whatever I want to do. To write this post in TypePad I need to sign in. Having recently switched to RockMash/Chrome I... Read More »

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Tokyo With a high profile Goldman Sachs downgrade to neutral, Microsoft is entering a new phase in its struggles. It’s hard to ignore the rush of news of the company’s dramatic loss of market share in mobile, Steve Ballmer’s bonus penalty, and Internet Explorer dropping below 50% worldwide. But the... Read More »

Bait and Switch

We all know about Google’s famous Do No Evil mantra, apparently coined by Gmail developer Paul Buchheit back in the day. But I’ve never put much stock in the sentiment, preferring Don’t Get Caught as a more operational version of the idea. Things we say to get over in the... Read More »

Office of the Future

"The tile guys are here." My wife had somehow turned off her alarm and forgotten to tell me that the kitchen tile job she'd been postponing for 5 years was about to get underway. Within a few minutes our house was teeming with 4 workmen, 4 cats, 4 dogs (don't... Read More »

Mixed Signals with Google TV

It turns out that the Google versus Apple war is not without justification. Apple not so quietly became the “new king of technology” on May 26th, according to the New York Times, overtaking the legacy software giant also known as Microsoft in terms of market capitalization – at least for... Read More »