Collaboration is a Feature, not an App

When you need to know something at work, do you leave your desk to go to the "communication room"? More likely, you reach out and pick up a phone, or grab a keyboard and send some kind of message. We expect to have communication available where we are, in the... Read More »

Being the Bump on the Bell Curve

As we end the year, I hope I can claim to have pulled my weight on this blog during 2011, averaging slightly more than two posts per month (with my personal 'Top 6' favorites linked below). On the other hand, averages are a truly feeble statistic, because my most recent... Read More »

2012: The year when the customer holds the conch

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi: Toyotomi Hideyoshi returning to the scene of his army’s victory It’s that time of year when I get asked to make predictions for the year ahead, particularly in the context of enterprise software. It’s that time of year when I tend not to do anything as a result.... Read More »

The Post-PC Era, Posthaste

The numbers are rolling in, and it’s looking like the decline of the PC is accelerating, fueled by the powerful combination of social networks, cloud computing and, mobile devices. It’s a pretty simple rule in technology: applications drive devices. PCs gained relevance with killer apps like spreadsheets and word processing... Read More »

Number 9 Dreamforce

For a Beatles’ fan and a fan particularly of John Lennon, the number 9 has an important meaning. It has enough meaning Lennon wrote a few songs referencing it, including Number 9 Dream. Perhaps I like Number 9 Dream because it seems to be, quite literally, calling my name on... Read More »

Gateway to Social Enterprise: Seven Days to Dreamforce

Fans of the TV series "Stargate SG-1" may have seen a DVD 'extra' interview with series actor Richard Dean Anderson: a conversation in which he called the Stargate (as best I recall) "the best stage prop ever conceived." The Stargate is better than a Star Trek transporter, and a whole... Read More »

CIOs: Are these the Droids you are looking for?

The Deal That Changed Everything continues to fascinate. After a couple of days, I have concluded four things: The next ten years will be the golden era of patent and intellectual property litigation in mobile phones and computing. If we could magically send America’s unemployed to paralegal school, we could... Read More »

Rumination, Inspiration, Innovation

Innovation may look like an act of invention, but it seems to me that the most important innovations begin with a question. More poetically, as RFK famously paraphrased GBS, "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were... Read More »

The Bridges of Clöudigsberg

A system lacking adequate connections is crippled, in fundamental ways, compared to a system that might have "less" capability – but has better ways of bringing its power to bear on the problem you're trying to solve. That's the point I take away from the comments of Marine Corps Gen.... Read More »

When Products Become Participants

In his keynote this morning at Cloudforce DC, Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff launched the model of The Social Enterprise as today's necessary combination of technology and culture – not only for competitive companies, but also for mission-focused governments and nonprofits. Both Marc and co-presenter Dan Burton, the company's... Read More »