New Media

The Plural of Personal is Social

There was a time in my life when everything I would consider “business” was also personal. As many of you may know, I was born in Calcutta nigh on fifty-five years ago. I stayed there till 1980. There were no supermarkets in Calcutta in those days. For most things you... Read More »

Apple-Samsung Battling for Market Share

Worldwide, there were 419 million phones sold in Q2, which is actually down slightly from the year-ago period. About a third of them were smart phones. The mature markets in the US and Western Europe were hurt by the economic slowdown and consumers’ unwillingness to buy ahead of hoped-for launches... Read More »

Google Goodness

Google I/O has been a gushing fire hose of geek news goodness this week, full of gadgets and new services that have implications for the enterprise. As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of tablets, so I am fascinated by the new Nexus 7. In demos, the... Read More »

The Road Show Not Taken

Cameras lined the steps to the Sheraton in midtown Manhattan, eager to get a glimpse of the headliner at a packed house for the show about to unfold. A new Broadway star? A young lion of Hollywood? Nope. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook arriving to take part in the... Read More »

Why it’s over

A few days ago, stimulated by the level of recent noise on the internets about open and closed and apps and HTML5 and walled gardens and governance models and why someone hates , I wrote a post asserting that it’s over, asserting that the waves won’t... Read More »

Of genies and bottles and wishing for shoehorns

How much do you make? Have you ever contemplated suicide? Are you now or have you ever been…? Are you aware of the fact…? I have here before me… [...]information devices for universal, tyrannical womb-to-tomb surveillance are causing a very serious dilemma between our claim to privacy and the community’s... Read More »

Revolt of the Planet of the Apps

I think it’s clear by now that I will do just about anything to work in a reference to the greatest film meme of all time, Planet of the Apes. Let’s just say that I have a very indulgent editor. You da man, John Taschek. [Ed. note: Planet of the... Read More »

The Social Revolution Has Just Begun

Depending on whom you ask, 2011 was either the year of the iPad or the year of social. The truth is that they were and are equally weighted because they are catalysts for each other, and while each can exist without the other, imagining such a thing is like trying... Read More »

Predictions 2012: Deals, Squeals, & Reels

Here’s my list of prediction for the months ahead. There will be a proxy fight or some other credible challenge to Steve Ballmer’s leadership of Microsoft. The rumors that Gates will return will surface every few weeks despite his denials.The pain has gone on for too long for shareholders. Plucky... Read More »

Fire Away. Oh, it’s on.

The Kindle Fire is awesome. I went full-on nerd for this one, pre-ordering a month ago. (I didn’t go for the black belt and stake out the SFO FedEx office as some dudes did for the iPhone 4 release.) Amazon of course had one-button tracking via the UPS API, and... Read More »