Neil Young, David Agus and the Social Enterprise

Admit it. I had you with that headline. Have I finally flipped? What could possibly connect Neil Young and David Agus to the Social Enterprise, and related topics? I could just say “Marc Benioff”, since he personally introduced me to all three. Soon after joining, I heard Marc speak... Read More »

The Nook in the Kindle

Barnes & Noble introduced its latest Nook reader this week, aiming it squarely at the Kindle Fire. On CNBC, Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch lead off with what he described as superior specs and in-store support: Well, the Nook tablet offers not only the better display, these media tablets... Read More »

In Praise of Service Brokers

You know that something's made the leap from novelty to mainstream when an ecosystem of services grows around it – and eventually, dominates it. Adding others' services around an offering isn't a retrogression: it's an affirmation that this is how things are done, and there are people who will do... Read More »

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Tokyo With a high profile Goldman Sachs downgrade to neutral, Microsoft is entering a new phase in its struggles. It’s hard to ignore the rush of news of the company’s dramatic loss of market share in mobile, Steve Ballmer’s bonus penalty, and Internet Explorer dropping below 50% worldwide. But the... Read More »

A Hamburger Today

I’d like to nominate a winner in the “iPhone is toast” sweepstakes, so that we can finally get on with Apple continuing its relentless march forward. You’d think with all the signs pointing in the eventual triumph of Android, Nokia, and Windows 7 Mobile 360 or whatever the brand is... Read More »