iPhone 5 and the Enterprise

The iPhone 5 debuted last week to mixed reviews. A sleeker, lighter, more powerful design, and an extra row of icons added up to what could be called an iteration rather than a revolution. For example, critics complained of the lack of an NFC chip for digital wallet apps. But... Read More »

Focus on Mobile Strategy, Not Devices

[Ed. Note: As the Samsung-Apple verdict shakes up (and shapes) the industry, @bcfrancis observes that it is a sound plan to get the architecture and strategy right to embrace the mobile imperative. - @jtaschek] It’s easy to get focused on the battle for supremacy in mobile devices, but this week... Read More »

Apple-Samsung Battling for Market Share

Worldwide, there were 419 million phones sold in Q2, which is actually down slightly from the year-ago period. About a third of them were smart phones. The mature markets in the US and Western Europe were hurt by the economic slowdown and consumers’ unwillingness to buy ahead of hoped-for launches... Read More »

RIM: Black-and-BlueBerry

A tough week for RIM execs as they faced angry shareholders at it annual meeting. A decimated stock price, a bruised brand, and a delayed product all fueled the flames. CEO Thorsten Heins delivers his analysis on what went wrong in an interview with CIO: “There was a strategy deployed... Read More »

Tablets & The Enterprise

The summer slowdown in news is definitely kicking in, but a couple of items out there show that brisk tablet sales are influencing consumer habits with implications for the enterprise. According to a new report from DisplaySearch and NPD, tablets are poised to outsell laptops by 2016: “Consumer preference for... Read More »

Google Goodness

Google I/O has been a gushing fire hose of geek news goodness this week, full of gadgets and new services that have implications for the enterprise. As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of tablets, so I am fascinated by the new Nexus 7. In demos, the... Read More »

Has an iPad Competitor Surfaced?

Microsoft clearly sees cracks in its enterprise fortress. The BYOD movement is bringing iOS devices like iPhone and iPad into the enterprise. Can Mac OS MacBooks be far behind? This week Microsoft went on the aggressive defense, announcing its new Surface tablets. Here's an excellent toe-to-toe comparison with the iPad... Read More »

BYOD, Seriously

Nothing inspires innovation like a mandate to cut costs by 50%. Chris Cruz of California’s Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) knew he had to slash cell phone costs, which were about $110 per month per employee. So, CIO magazine reported, he made a controversial decision: no new BlackBerries: Instead,... Read More »

Smartphones: Will MacEnterprise Resist the Robot?

The latest figures from IDC show that the current winners are widening their lead. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are snatching away market share from Symbian (as Nokia moves to Windows Phone) and Blackberry, which lost a stunning 30% of its market share. From the sound of it, this trend... Read More »

The Power of Networked Customers

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in The Telegraph (UK) and appears on CloudBlog with permission. Thanks to Shane Richmond, Head of Technology (Editorial) at Telegraph Media Group. - @jtaschek During the Industrial Age, companies were formed for a number of reasons: to achieve scale; to increase reach; to simplify... Read More »