The Power of Networked Customers

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in The Telegraph (UK) and appears on CloudBlog with permission. Thanks to Shane Richmond, Head of Technology (Editorial) at Telegraph Media Group. - @jtaschek During the Industrial Age, companies were formed for a number of reasons: to achieve scale; to increase reach; to simplify... Read More »

Goin’ Mobile

Facebook’s IPO (NASDAQ: FB) has taken its rightful place in the history books, but the attention has shed new light on its biggest challenge: mobile advertising. About 25 percent of our time consuming media is sent on a mobile device, yet mobile accounts for only two percent of total advertising.... Read More »

The Road Show Not Taken

Cameras lined the steps to the Sheraton in midtown Manhattan, eager to get a glimpse of the headliner at a packed house for the show about to unfold. A new Broadway star? A young lion of Hollywood? Nope. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook arriving to take part in the... Read More »

The Towering Inferno

The fight for second place in the tablet market is getting interesting. First of all, clearly moving in the wrong direction is the poorly-reviewed Playbook software upgrade from RIM. Email, which seemed like a glaring omission from the first version, has now come to the Playbook. At CNET, Roger Cheng... Read More »

The Social Revolution Has Just Begun

Depending on whom you ask, 2011 was either the year of the iPad or the year of social. The truth is that they were and are equally weighted because they are catalysts for each other, and while each can exist without the other, imagining such a thing is like trying... Read More »

Prog-NOT-stications for 2012

I had so my fun with my predictions for net year that I thought I’d keep the party going with a list of five things that won’t happen in 2012. The First Facebook Election You just know that these thumb-suckers are already being written. Facebook + Election = boatload of... Read More »

The Power in IT's Struggle

All eyes are still on Washington as we watch the aftermath of the power struggles over the debt ceiling extension. But there’s a quieter power struggle unfolding in the CIO’s office, and the energy-hungry data center may be on the endangered species list. Sustainability has been moving steadily up the... Read More »