If We'd Had Connections First

The following is based on a guest blog originally invited by the editors of SlashCloud. Thanks for their permission to share those ideas here. Is it only an accident of history that the microprocessor came before the Internet? And if the sequence had been reversed, would we have different ideas... Read More »

Why it’s over

A few days ago, stimulated by the level of recent noise on the internets about open and closed and apps and HTML5 and walled gardens and governance models and why someone hates , I wrote a post asserting that it’s over, asserting that the waves won’t... Read More »

Refuting Cloud 'Lock-In': Zero, One, Too

Arguments against the cloud are a lot like Disney movies: every few years, the people who make money from them get to re-release them to a whole new audience. My informal measures of cyberspace FUD are now showing just such a cyclical spike in an oft-heard excuse for postponing cloud... Read More »

Being the Bump on the Bell Curve

As we end the year, I hope I can claim to have pulled my weight on this blog during 2011, averaging slightly more than two posts per month (with my personal 'Top 6' favorites linked below). On the other hand, averages are a truly feeble statistic, because my most recent... Read More »