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TPI: The Twitter Political Index

The 2012 Presidential campaigns are making their final pushes before their conventions, a time when politicians solidify and energize their bases and start their most impassioned pleas to the undecided. This week, awesome reporter Dan Farber posts a great piece on CNET about a new move the Twitter: The Twitter... Read More »

Why it’s over

A few days ago, stimulated by the level of recent noise on the internets about open and closed and apps and HTML5 and walled gardens and governance models and why someone hates , I wrote a post asserting that it’s over, asserting that the waves won’t... Read More »

Facebook getting the privacy conversation

I had low expectations for Charlie Rose’s interview with Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg. The subjects were certainly great gets for Rose and have plenty of interesting things to say. I just thought that Rose, who has never struck me as having a real affinity for technology interviews, would focus... Read More »

Gateway to Social Enterprise: Seven Days to Dreamforce

Fans of the TV series "Stargate SG-1" may have seen a DVD 'extra' interview with series actor Richard Dean Anderson: a conversation in which he called the Stargate (as best I recall) "the best stage prop ever conceived." The Stargate is better than a Star Trek transporter, and a whole... Read More »

The Need for Feeds

I used to work as a financial journalist for FNN, CNBC, and CNN. It was terrific fun. Even if you are not a financial news nerds like me, you have probably paid a little more attention to world markets lately. I’ve gotten reacquainted with CNBC, and that has me thinking... Read More »

Rumination, Inspiration, Innovation

Innovation may look like an act of invention, but it seems to me that the most important innovations begin with a question. More poetically, as RFK famously paraphrased GBS, "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were... Read More »

The Bridges of Clöudigsberg

A system lacking adequate connections is crippled, in fundamental ways, compared to a system that might have "less" capability – but has better ways of bringing its power to bear on the problem you're trying to solve. That's the point I take away from the comments of Marine Corps Gen.... Read More »

When the Cloud Knows Where You Are

In a ZDNet post this afternoon, James Kendrick described a chance encounter that led to his installing Inc.'s Kindle app on someone's iPhone – and narrated that person's pleased surprise in discovering that "It knows where I am in the book!" We see people fretting all the time about... Read More »

The Truth of Things is in the Cloud

"Why should we limit computers to the lies people tell them through keyboards?" Attributed by author Steven Levy to MIT hacker Bill Gosper, this challenge now comes one step closer to closure with today's announcement of Toyota Friend: a private social network, for Toyota customers and their cars, that will... Read More »

Incentives in Closed-Loop Clouds

In 1969, my family went to Disneyland and I was tall enough to drive alone on the Autopia. That rail-guided go-kart track left little discretion for strategy, and not much headroom for skill: as I recall, the hardest part was overcoming a stiff spring to hold the throttle all the... Read More »