Musing about Communities and Pricing

Soon everyone on earth will be connected. It’s over. People are getting connected. Things are getting connected. Whole communities are getting connected. And when communities get connected, other things begin to happen. They become markets. Entire markets in themselves. And at the same time participants in larger markets. It’s fractal,... Read More »

Musing about Shared Value

Have you read Haydn Shaughnessy? If you’re interested in the social enterprise, you should. I haven’t yet read his recent book, The Elastic Enterprise, but I will: I intend to read it as I cross the Atlantic on my way to SXSW later this week. (I’m speaking there on the... Read More »

New Social Apps to Speed the Demise of ERP Hegemony

“Mr. CIO, tear down these walls.” OK, so that’s not exactly what President Ronald Reagan said as he stood outside the Brandenburg Gate nearly 25 years ago. But it is how many employees feel when forced to use ERP systems when what really need is software that is faster to... Read More »

Collaboration is a Feature, not an App

When you need to know something at work, do you leave your desk to go to the "communication room"? More likely, you reach out and pick up a phone, or grab a keyboard and send some kind of message. We expect to have communication available where we are, in the... Read More »

Predictions 2012: Deals, Squeals, & Reels

Here’s my list of prediction for the months ahead. There will be a proxy fight or some other credible challenge to Steve Ballmer’s leadership of Microsoft. The rumors that Gates will return will surface every few weeks despite his denials.The pain has gone on for too long for shareholders. Plucky... Read More »

2012: The year when the customer holds the conch

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi: Toyotomi Hideyoshi returning to the scene of his army’s victory It’s that time of year when I get asked to make predictions for the year ahead, particularly in the context of enterprise software. It’s that time of year when I tend not to do anything as a result.... Read More »