Cloud Computing

Cloud and ROI

A new report from Nucleus Research finds that cloud computing delivers more than just fast deployment and low upfront costs. Nucleus says that on average, companies find 1.7 times greater ROI than on-premise deployments. The research firm looked at 70 cases studies ranging from $30,000 to $10 million. Overall companies... Read More »

Google’s Multi-Screen Mantra

Google is out with a new study “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior.” It describes how we use multiple screens for the completion of a single task. It’s oriented towards consumers, but I’d bet there are implications for the enterprise. Google says that it comes down to two... Read More »

If We'd Had Connections First

The following is based on a guest blog originally invited by the editors of SlashCloud. Thanks for their permission to share those ideas here. Is it only an accident of history that the microprocessor came before the Internet? And if the sequence had been reversed, would we have different ideas... Read More »

Cloud Surges, Office Leverages

The latest from Gartner: IT spending is showing tepid growth, but the cloud is on fire: “[Gartner] described overall IT spending growth as “lackluster,” with only a 3 percent year-over-year growth from 2011 to 2012 expected. Granted, that represents a difference of $3.5 trillion to $3.6 trillion over an annual... Read More »

Forrester: “Iceberg, Dead Ahead!”

IT is becoming out of touch and risks seeing a greatly diminished role in the enterprise. That’s on of the conclusions from “Business Execs Increase Direct IT Spend to Support Systems of Engagement” from Forrrester. In his post “IT department ‘re-arranging deckchairs on the Titanic’ as execs bypass the CIO,”... Read More »

Goin’ Mobile

Facebook’s IPO (NASDAQ: FB) has taken its rightful place in the history books, but the attention has shed new light on its biggest challenge: mobile advertising. About 25 percent of our time consuming media is sent on a mobile device, yet mobile accounts for only two percent of total advertising.... Read More »

The Road Show Not Taken

Cameras lined the steps to the Sheraton in midtown Manhattan, eager to get a glimpse of the headliner at a packed house for the show about to unfold. A new Broadway star? A young lion of Hollywood? Nope. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook arriving to take part in the... Read More »

Big. Cloud Big.

Amazon’s EC2 is increasingly functioning as an on-demand supercomputer, according to a fascinating piece by Jon Brodkin in Ars Technica. It’s another example of scale and heft moving to the cloud, and in the process democratizing the availability of high-end computing capability previously accessed by only the “one percent” of... Read More »

Goodbye, PC

Another report has the PC on the endangered species list, especially with consumers. Forrester’s take, “Tablets Will Rule The Future Personal Computing Landscape,” sees PC squeezed out by beefier tablets more robust cloud services, and a new class of device called “frames.” The numbers alone are similar to previous studies... Read More »

Why it’s over

A few days ago, stimulated by the level of recent noise on the internets about open and closed and apps and HTML5 and walled gardens and governance models and why someone hates , I wrote a post asserting that it’s over, asserting that the waves won’t... Read More »