iPhone 5 and the Enterprise

The iPhone 5 debuted last week to mixed reviews. A sleeker, lighter, more powerful design, and an extra row of icons added up to what could be called an iteration rather than a revolution. For example, critics complained of the lack of an NFC chip for digital wallet apps. But... Read More »

Ctrl – Alt – Social

In the tech world in which everything is recycled, retooled, and spit out like un-digestible gristle, one often comes across the phrases such as groupware is “dead” or “email is dead.” Oddly enough these are euphemisms or perhaps more correctly the opposite: dysphemisms – the substitution of a disagreeable word... Read More »

New Social Apps to Speed the Demise of ERP Hegemony

“Mr. CIO, tear down these walls.” OK, so that’s not exactly what President Ronald Reagan said as he stood outside the Brandenburg Gate nearly 25 years ago. But it is how many employees feel when forced to use ERP systems when what really need is software that is faster to... Read More »

Collaboration is a Feature, not an App

When you need to know something at work, do you leave your desk to go to the "communication room"? More likely, you reach out and pick up a phone, or grab a keyboard and send some kind of message. We expect to have communication available where we are, in the... Read More »

Think Small

There comes a moment, not the aha moment, but the I wonder whether someone else had this idea in 2004 moment. I can't be sure, but here it is for what it's worth. I think Apple TV is going to go real small, not the other rumored way around. As... Read More »

The Social Revolution Has Just Begun

Depending on whom you ask, 2011 was either the year of the iPad or the year of social. The truth is that they were and are equally weighted because they are catalysts for each other, and while each can exist without the other, imagining such a thing is like trying... Read More »

7 Ideas for Your Next Social Network for Employees

Since attending Dreamforce in early September, I spend a lot of airplane time pondering the future of social enterprises, especially social networks for employees. Whether we’re talking about co-workers or customers, the objective is still the same – successful attraction and retention. The primary difference may be the importance of... Read More »

I Love a Good Protest

Reactions to the Occupy Wall Street movement are ranging from repulsion to adulation, but everyone seems to agree: you gotta watch. Here’s a (sometimes) live feed from Livestream: Watch live streaming video from occupynyc at In fact, at, you couldn’t help but watch sometimes: our offices are just... Read More »

Will “Mad Men” Drive the Social Enterprise?

Note this is a special guest post from industry authority Bruce Richardson. His blog can be found at Bruce has a 30-year career in high-tech, harkening back to the days in which he worked alongside George Colony (founder and CEO of Forrester), Frank Gens (Chief Research Officer of IDC),... Read More »

Number 9 Dreamforce

For a Beatles’ fan and a fan particularly of John Lennon, the number 9 has an important meaning. It has enough meaning Lennon wrote a few songs referencing it, including Number 9 Dream. Perhaps I like Number 9 Dream because it seems to be, quite literally, calling my name on... Read More »