Apple-Samsung Battling for Market Share

19525_galaxys_iphone3gsWorldwide, there were 419 million phones sold in Q2, which is actually down slightly from the year-ago period. About a third of them were smart phones. The mature markets in the US and Western Europe were hurt by the economic slowdown and consumers’ unwillingness to buy ahead of hoped-for launches in the second half of the year.

It’s worth noting that Samsung widened its share in all markets except North America.

As flagged by CEO Tim Cook in a recent conference call, Apple’s iPhone sales declined 12.6% from Q1—that’s a big blow, since 46% of Apple’s revenue comes from sales of the smartphone.  But watch out for iPhone 5 coming in September or October:

The arrival of the iPhone 5 should provide the greatest upgrade opportunity yet as the expected new design with a larger screen and likely other stylistic changes to the form factor will certainly make a strong case for iPhone 4 users to upgrade. The lower sell-in number in 2Q12 might also signal that Apple may discontinue the 3GS model and could have already reduced supply. We could see Apple drive down the price of the iPhone 4 to free, the 4S to $99, and have the new iPhone priced the same as the current 4S model.

Of course no word from Apple about when the iPhone 5 might debut. What about you? Are you holding off on buying a new phone until iPhone 5 comes out? Is your company delaying purchases?