Think Different or else

No_flash The Adobe response to Steve Jobs' Just Say No to Flash post shows exactly how tone-deaf Adobe continues to be. And reading the Wall Street Journal's summary (on the iPad of course) hammers the disconnect home, as unnamed publishers complained about Apple's stance. Unnamed because they don't want to venture too far out ahead of the mistaken notion that there's something wrong with keeping Flash off the most important platform since the color TV.

As I put the new 3G version of the iPad through its paces, it's clear Adobe is determined to go down the same road WordPerfect and Lotus went down at a similar inflection point. At the time, Windows and IBM's OS/2 had gone their separate ways as Microsoft readied its Office suite. In the crosshairs were the leading DOS word processor and spreadsheet. Instead of attacking the Microsoft challenge head-on, both competitors developed OS/2 versions and kissed their assets goodbye.

Now Adobe is doing the same thing, and the only people they're kidding are themselves. Instead of acknowledging that the Flash strategy was designed to interrupt Apple's control of its platform, the Adobe spokesman attacked Apple left and right as destroyers of freedom, evildoers, convicted monopolists.... Well, no, but Adobe's vibe is that how dare Apple do what they can to limit the outside control of a vendor hellbent on reducing Apple's leverage in the marketplace.