Social is the Plural of Personal

In my previous post on the subject, I said: “Social” is not a layer. “Social” is not a feature. “Social” isn’t a product. Social is about bringing being human back into business. About how we conduct business. About why we conduct business. Social is something in people’s hearts, in people’s... Read More »

The Plural of Personal is Social

There was a time in my life when everything I would consider “business” was also personal. As many of you may know, I was born in Calcutta nigh on fifty-five years ago. I stayed there till 1980. There were no supermarkets in Calcutta in those days. For most things you... Read More »

What is Marc Benioff Reading

If you caught Marc’s keynote at Dreamforce this week, you might have noticed him refer to an IBM study that has been influencing his thinking. I thought I’d drill down into some of the study’s insights. The study of 1700 executives finds that CEOs are creating more open and collaborative... Read More »

iPhone 5 and the Enterprise

The iPhone 5 debuted last week to mixed reviews. A sleeker, lighter, more powerful design, and an extra row of icons added up to what could be called an iteration rather than a revolution. For example, critics complained of the lack of an NFC chip for digital wallet apps. But... Read More »

Cloud and ROI

A new report from Nucleus Research finds that cloud computing delivers more than just fast deployment and low upfront costs. Nucleus says that on average, companies find 1.7 times greater ROI than on-premise deployments. The research firm looked at 70 cases studies ranging from $30,000 to $10 million. Overall companies... Read More »

BYOT - Taking Flight

A great report issued by Forrester recently provides some interesting details on the most fascinating trend in the enterprise: Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT). In “Charting the Rise of Bring-Your-Own-Technology” Connie Moore identifies three big takeaways: “Workers use a Range of self-provisioned devices, software, and services To do Their Jobs... Read More »

Google’s Multi-Screen Mantra

Google is out with a new study “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior.” It describes how we use multiple screens for the completion of a single task. It’s oriented towards consumers, but I’d bet there are implications for the enterprise. Google says that it comes down to two... Read More »

If We'd Had Connections First

The following is based on a guest blog originally invited by the editors of SlashCloud. Thanks for their permission to share those ideas here. Is it only an accident of history that the microprocessor came before the Internet? And if the sequence had been reversed, would we have different ideas... Read More »

Focus on Mobile Strategy, Not Devices

[Ed. Note: As the Samsung-Apple verdict shakes up (and shapes) the industry, @bcfrancis observes that it is a sound plan to get the architecture and strategy right to embrace the mobile imperative. - @jtaschek] It’s easy to get focused on the battle for supremacy in mobile devices, but this week... Read More »

Apple-Samsung Battling for Market Share

Worldwide, there were 419 million phones sold in Q2, which is actually down slightly from the year-ago period. About a third of them were smart phones. The mature markets in the US and Western Europe were hurt by the economic slowdown and consumers’ unwillingness to buy ahead of hoped-for launches... Read More »